• Graduated from University of Texas at Austin Law
    School in 1989
    • Top ten law school in 1989
  • Skagit County Prosecutor's Office (1990-1998)
    • Senior Felony Criminal Deputy Prosecutor
    • Prosecuted first three-strikes case in Skagit County history
  • 1998 to present
    • Representing persons charged with crimes
    • Representing persons injured through fault of others


CORBIN T. VOLLUZ, A Zealous Advocate

"In addition, the record reveals that Volluz zealously advocated for Moore (his client). Volluz moved in limine to exclude any reference to Moore's prior convictions, to exclude a DVD (digital video disk) recording of Deputy Caulk speaking with Moore in which Moore alluded to his prior arrests, and to exclude prejudicial aspects of Deputy Caulk's police report and testimony. He interposed timely objections during trial and requested appropriate limiting instructions for potentially prejudicial evidence. He extensively and effectively cross-examined Wyman (the alleged victim), revealing inconsistencies between her trial testimony and her initial report to Deputy Caulk, and gaps in her memory of events."

--Court of Appeals, Division One, State of Washington v. Willis Chad Moore, 64734-2